Yo por ti, tú por míis a non-profit project of Alta Guardia.

We have a very clear mission in our blood, to serve our community! And being one of the many companies deeply affected by this crisis of the COVID-19 we have decided to continue our mission to protect. This is why we have put all our physical and human resources into the development and management of this project.

The concept is very simple: protect those local businesses that are the first to open and the last to close for our service. And how? They, like you, have bills and fixed costs to pay during this crisis. Invoices, employees, suppliers, which if they could not pay would lead them to imminent closure... How can we help? By pre-purchasing, what you would be buying now, and consuming when we get through this crisis.

This is a non-profit project that comes out of a conversation between friends about what small businesses will suffer because of the coronavirus and how we can help them. In the end, what started as a "It would be nice to do..." has ended up becoming a real project with which we want to help as many people as possible. For them we need your collaboration to spread it, to make it reach small shops, bars, restaurants; to make it reach their customers, so that we all achieve the goal of helping, contributing a little now, to enjoy it and use it later.

It is now that we must bring out our most human side, the noblest and close ranks all together to be stronger than the coronavirus!

The Alta Guardia team.