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Help your neighbors, it’s now when they need it.

Yo por ti, tú por mí, in addition to Rosalía's song, is a temporary project to collaborate with small businesses during the coronavirus crisis.

How? By allowing them to sell coupons that you can enjoy once you pass the COVID-19.

Pedro buys a coupon of 20€ for Loli's bookstore. Once he passes the COVID-19, Pedro will use his coupon to buy books worth 20€.

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You can buy now at...

Cucas Aesthetic Center
Cucas Aesthetic Center

Complete waxing for women, body peeling, cell renewal treatment, back massage, manicure...

CUQUIPET Spa and Pet Grooming Salon
CUQUIPET Spa and Pet Grooming Salon

This coupon can be spent both on services and in our store. Thank you very much.

Carapuchiña Vermella
Carapuchiña Vermella

Children's clothing store from 0 months to 12 years. We try to take care of every detail and offer our customers a different product.


We're still helping!

6,000 in coupons sold

1,000 registered users

280 advertisements of establishments

How it works


🔍 Find the local business you usually go to

Search the map for businesses that are already registered.
If you do not find the one you are looking for, please tell him to contact us here!


🧾 Buy a coupon now, to enjoy it when the COVID-19 crisis passes

The money goes directly to the establishment and you will receive your coupon in your email.
This is a non-profit project, we only give visibility to the shops and help them to survive.
The coupon will serve as a discount for future purchases, consumptions or services rendered.


Smile! ☺
️ You will have helped a small business or restaurant survive.

You can redeem your coupon when the COVID-19 has finished, and it will be valid for the whole of 2020. If you can't find the store you're looking for, please tell it to register!


Go viral! 📲
Share it on your RRSS so more people can help and be helped.

Don't let this die here. A small gesture from all the people who can afford it, can help thousands of people survive.

What kind of local businesses can be in Yo por ti, tú por mí?

Professionals services
Fruit shops
Taxi drivers
Clothing stores
Shoe shops
Furniture shops
Electronics stores
Candy stores
Flower shops
Children's parks
In short, any activity that needs help.

Who are we?

This is a project of Alta Guardiawhich would not have been possible without all the input and help we have been given.


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